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Our Story

There is no better way to learn than through innovative and lived experience.  When a learning institution can provide a unique experience that mimics the real world, in a safe environment,  students will reap the rewards with practical knowledge, industry connections, and skills that are current and in demand.

Village Creative is a living digital advertising agency where students from many programs across the college can collaborate on projects serving local entrepreneurs and national non-profit agencies.

Village Creative will support small businesses and non-profit agencies through partnerships with Pillar Non-Profit, the Small Business Centre, Tech Alliance, Leap Junction and London’s Cross Cultural Learner Centre.  Students from Marketing, Photography, Graphic Design, Public Relations, and Web Development programs can join forces to offer services that include user testing initiatives, social media plans, CRM system builds, SEO audits, website design, and paid media campaigns.

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Our Team Of Consultant Professors


Liz Gray

Lina Manuel

Marketing Professor | Strategic Marketer | Experiential Learning Advocate

Liz Gray is a faculty member at Fanshawe College where she created and teaches courses in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics.


Liz is also a freelance consultant and has worked on many SEM and SEO projects. 


She has helped countless small businesses better understand SEO and capture more screen real estate in search results pages.  She is a founder of the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge. 


She is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University and holds a Master of Digital Experience Innovation from the University of Waterloo.  Liz is a regular speaker on the topic of SEM, SEO and Web Analytics.

Marketing Professor | Strategic Marketer | Experiential Learning Advocate

Currently a Marketing Professor at Fanshawe College, Lina has over 20 years of experience working with international companies in Toronto, Los Angeles and Dubai. She has a background in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, audience engagement, and content development. Her adeptness at crafting and executing digital marketing strategies has played a pivotal role in propelling companies to new heights.

In the classroom, Lina is dedicated to creating experiential learning experiences for her students. She believes in bridging the gap between education and practical application, empowering her students to thrive in their marketing careers.

Lina's passion for continuous learning and dynamic experiences positions her as a forward-thinking professor, eager to transform businesses through innovative marketing strategies.

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